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The Unmatched Naan-Khatai of Khalifa Bakers

“Over the last decade, the scene was changing fast with naan-khatai of khalifa bakers coming up. And, as it is a new concept in Bahrain, what we found challenging was that those living away from ex-pat communities were not actively looking for bakeries as they weren’t aware of Khaleej bakers’ existence.”

“Khaleej bakers knew that their products needed to be differentiated from the outside – and started off by diversifying its line of khalifa nankhatai .”

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Khalifa Bakers, 442 H Mochi Gate inside Walled City, Lahore (2022)

Do you know where the word ‘authenticity’ comes from? The word was first used by the 17th-century French philosopher Rene Descartes to describe the fundamental quality of the “self” that we all possess, which is indivisible from our body and, by extension, the world around us.

Khalifa Bakers

What he meant by this was that, despite our experience of our bodies and the world, we could always know that we are who we are and that we are not just a thing or an idea. We are real.

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The Sub-Continent’s Naan Khatai: The Khalifa Bakery

Baking is traditional art, one that has been practiced by many communities around the world for centuries.

But for most people, the process of baking is not a daily or weekly part of their lives.

And this is where khalifa bakers are setting out to change that.

The Competition:

With the growth of khalifa bakers mochi gate around the world, there is a major increase in the competition.

This is the main reason why khalifa bakers mochi gate Lahore is on a mission to be the best, the most authentic, and the best at what they do.

They believe that the quality of the product is the key to their success.

Their products are only available from khalifa bakery Lahore.

And they have been a household name for over 10 years.

In fact, Khaleej bakers are so confident in their products that they are prepared to offer free delivery for all orders over 100 BHD.

How to Build a Multi-Purpose List

There are over 100 million people in Bahrain, and khalifa bakers understand that the only way to reach out to them is through their local community.

And to do that, they have built a multi-purpose list of their customers.

The Naan Khatai Debate- India’s Soft Spot

Today, there is a lot of debate over the soft spot in the Indian naan khatai.

The soft spot is the layer of dough that gets separated from the rest of the naan when the naan is fried.

The soft spot is also the most prized part of the naan.

The debate is over whether the soft spot is created by the way the naan is made, or by the way it is fried.

However, the debate is a myth that is being used by the mass market to justify buying the naan with the soft spot.

But what is fact is that the soft spot is a good thing.

Khalifa Bakers, Nankhatai Lahore

The soft spot is where the butter and oil get absorbed into the dough.

And this is what gives the naan its softness.

When you bite into a naan, the butter, and oil that have been absorbed by the dough release the flavors and make the naan melt in your mouth.

This is the very reason why the soft spot is so prized.

And that is why the soft spot is a part of Khaleej bakers’ brand.

Almond Khatai Recipe

The khalifa almond nan khatai is a great option for those who want a bit of a change.

And with a recipe that only requires a handful of ingredients, this is a great option for those who are new to baking.

Khalifa Bakers, 442 H Mochi Gate Inside Walled City, Lahore (2022)

What is Khatai?

Khatai is a flatbread that is traditionally made from noisy dough and is usually baked in tandoor.

Khatam is made with ingredients such as wheat flour, yeast, baking powder, and butter.