3 Types of Air Conditioner in India For Home
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3 Types of Air Conditioner in India For Home

Air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses itself. Window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, wall-hung split or multi-head split systems, and the air conditioner distributed is the most common type of air conditioning systems. The top AC brands in India provide all types of air conditioners.

Even in the same class, the quality and function of each AC vary greatly. Therefore, it is very important to examine each model as a whole. An energy ranking system is a fantastic tool for comparing the use of AC energy, but the output and input capacity provide more information.

Types of Air Conditioner

Below given are the types of air conditioner that comes in various Indian best AC brands:

Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

This was previously a popular choice for managing temperatures in a small space. They include compressors, condensers, coils, and evaporators in one unit. The AC Window is intended to enter the room window, so that installation usually does not require changes in large houses. The wall unit is very similar, except that they need a hole to be made on the wall of the room to fit.

window air conditioners often have a low initial cost. If you plan to cool a lot of rooms, you must choose a split system or channel because it is more efficient. A window has the benefit of being portable, allowing you to carry it when you move. This makes them ideal for tenants or those who plan immediate steps.

If we look at the window ac vs split ac, split air conditioners are often built for a bigger room because they can cool the space faster. A window has simple footprints and is best suitable for small spaces.

Most AC Window operates in the cycle, turn on to cool or heat the room and then turn off after the target temperature is reached. They lit up when the room began to heat up or cold. They are not too energy efficient. Some of the best AC brands in India are Samsung, Bluestar, carrier, etc.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are rather simple to transport, although not as easy as their names. Consider how simple it is to move your home rather than how easy it is to tame your home for your daily cooling requirements. They are more portable than other units, but they still need installation with a window kit.

This system functions by sucking the heated air, cool, and then recirculation back into the space. Single and double hose variants are the most common. The single-channel system extracts warm air from the room, cools it, and returns it to the room while venting hot air outside. This creates negative pressure in the room, allowing more warm air from all houses and outdoors to enter.

As a result, a single hose model is inefficient. Some portable air cooler contains a second hose that attracts air from the outside. This reduces the concerns of negative air pressure associated with a single-channel device. Nevertheless, twin hose air conditioners are less efficient than other types of air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners often have low initial costs. However, they are more likely to be charged more in electricity in the long run than other solutions. Unless you move often, have a little space to cool, or do not intend to use it a lot, it is recommended that you check in other types.

Split Air Conditioner

At home today, the ductless system is very broad. The separate system is called because it includes two units, one inside your home and one outside. They can be used to cool or heat a single room or multi-zona system. One compressor is located outdoors, while many interior units condition the air in various regions of your home.

When coming to the window ac vs split ac, Split air conditioners are available in various colors and designs, which can fully change the appearance of your space. Window air conditioning, on the other hand, is limited to one color, which is often white.

Because indoor units are often located high on your walls, they must be considered when designing your room decoration. Wall split, and multi-head split systems are often smaller than the channel system and are connected by pipes than large channels. Nevertheless, the interior unit is still clearer than the ductless system ventilation.

Although the initial cost is higher, they are more efficient than window or portable units, making them cheaper in the long run. Split or multi-head systems hung on the wall will require changes in a small housing, such as pipe openings. To get maximum results from the system, get experts to install Mini-Split.


Buying AC may be an expensive decision. However, in the world today, AC is more a necessity than luxury goods. At a reasonable price, you might get an air conditioner that meets your unique needs from various producers.

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